Roti Jala (Egg-free recipe)

While you’re waiting for my book to reach, here’s a new recipe! Roti jala literally means “net bread” in Malay. It’s a chewy, latticed, rolled pancake paired with curry. It’s a traditional Malay dish that is usually served at events like weddings and festivals. This is usually made with egg to give the soft, tender… Continue reading →


Crazybadman X Morethanveggies: 3 recipes of high-protein breakfast spreads

Third post of my collaboration with Crazybadman! I’m using their BioTechUSA Vegan Protein to create high-protein breakfast recipes. It’s the best-tasting protein powder I’ve tried so I could make different recipes from it. If you’re a vegan athlete or simply into plant-based fitness, try them out! Use code MORETHANVEGGIES for 10% when you’re purchasing the… Continue reading →


Crazybadman x Morethanveggies: Sea Salt Chocolate Cinnamon Granola

Another recipe created as part of my breakfast recipe collaboration with Crazybadman, a Singapore-based sports shop. I shared this granola with a few friends and they loved it! It’s not too sweet, balanced, nutty and crunchy with warm fruity notes. Crazybadman has the best-tasting vegan protein powder in many flavours – use code MORETHANVEGGIES for… Continue reading →