vegan protein powder cake

Crazybadman x morethanveggies – protein mango no-bake ‘cheese’cake recipe

If you’re following my social pages, you might have already heard of Crazybadman. They are a home-grown sports distributor that sells the best-tasting vegan protein powders I’ve had. It dissolves well without sedimentation, and there’s a huge range of flavours like Chocolate Cinnamon (my favourite), Vanilla Cookie, Hazelnut, Forest Fruit and more. Since they taste… Continue reading →


Stay Home: Islandwide Vegan Food and Grocery Delivery in Singapore (plus other updates)

How’s everyone doing? I haven’t been out of the house since last Saturday, just before the COVID circuit breaker (aka unofficial lockdown), when I went back office to take my things. Here’s a list of vegan food and grocery delivery in Singapore, so please stay at home as much as possible, so this crisis can… Continue reading →


Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival

  Visited my first Japanese vegan festival last year! The vegan festival scene in Japan is truly vibrant, they have more festivals than us (why Singapore why?? We’re supposed to have a bigger ratio of veg/vegan people!). You can see the list for this year here. Most of them are annual events that have been… Continue reading →


Vegan eats, tours and cooking classes in Tokyo

In late summer 2019, I had a chance to visit Tokyo again. People have this impression that Tokyo is crowded all the time, but in fact that’s only true for some parts of the city. Tokyo’s spaces are much more diverse and varied than Singapore’s. This time I tried to explore spots outside of the… Continue reading →