A Singaporean girl who loves to make food. Designer at an awesome vegan app start-up. Been blogging for 4 years at tumblr before moving here. Hope you enjoy reading and find the recipes and content useful. Due to my intensive full-time job, I have less time to test recipes but more chances to travel, hence the increase in travel content since 2019.

One must touch this earth lightly, an old Aboriginal saying goes. That’s my approach to the plant-based life of consuming responsibly by leaving the smallest scar possible on this world.

I grew up in a vegetarian family and turned vegan at 18 because:

1) I don’t wish to support the dairy industry after learning about the truth (feel free to google “truth about dairy” if you’re curious).

2) I had digestive issues since young due to a combination of heredity and unhealthy lifestyle habits. By avoiding dairy, I could manage the issues well without any medication.

I also discovered a new hobby, purpose and found a new family in the close-knit vegan community. The so-called ‘restrictions’ make me think out of the box. It taught me to appreciate food much more because of the efforts put in a single bite. It empowered me to take charge, be independent and responsible for my body.

I love the fact that I don’t remember the taste of animal foods. There’s no pressure to replicate and fill in big shoes. Plant-based cooking is about coaxing out the full flavour potentials in 20,000 species of edible plants and melding them to create robust dishes, not imitating something that it isn’t. My approach is intuitive, inspired from my Northern Chinese heritage, Singapore’s diversity, Southeast, South and East Asia’s colourful cuisines, family recipes and vast vegan resources available everywhere.

Currently the vegan blogging sphere consists of mostly of non-Asian recipes, I hope this blog contributes more diversity to the scene. Conscious lifestyle choices have no cultural boundaries. Here’s a collection of what worked for me, hope they inspire you to experiment and make your own 🙂


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