Being Vegan In SG

A series of resources and guides I’ve compiled to help make the lives of fellow vegans living in Singapore easier. Whether you are a new or aspiring vegan or a foreigner visiting or staying here – these will be of help!



Part 1 – Why Plants

Knowing the health, environmental and ethical reasons behind the lifestyle is important and highly empowering.


Part 2 -Plant-Based Nutrition

Nutrients that needs some attention and where to get them (hint: Protein, iron, calcium are the easiest ones!)


Part 3 – How to Cook

Guide for fellow busy bees. You don’t need to cook well to eat well!


Part 4 – Where to Buy Groceries

What to buy and where to visit – from wet markets to online shops!


Part 5 – Eating Out Socially

Tips on eating with non-vegans, dining at non-vegan eateries and directories of vegan-friendly places to visit.


Part 6 – Eating at Hawker Centres

How to order cheap, tasty vegan food in the heartlands.


Part 7 – Facing Challenges & Getting Support

Overcoming physical, social and emotional obstacles and get in touch with the local community!