Crazybadman x Morethanveggies: Sea Salt Chocolate Cinnamon Granola

Another recipe created as part of my breakfast recipe collaboration with Crazybadman, a Singapore-based sports shop. I shared this granola with a few friends and they loved it! It’s not too sweet, balanced, nutty and crunchy with warm fruity notes.

Crazybadman has the best-tasting vegan protein powder in many flavours – use code MORETHANVEGGIES for 10% off.

Sea Salt Chocolate Cinnamon Granola

Makes about 3 cups

Macros (1 serving = 0.5 cup)

  • 8.5 g protein
  • 16 g carbohydrate
  • 15 g fat
  • 2.3 g fibre

Dry ingredients

  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup of your preferred nut (I used organic pumpkin seeds)
  • 1/3 cup BioTechUSA Vegan Protein Chocolate Cinnamon flavour
  • 1 tsp fine sea salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder (optional, recommended if you prefer a stronger cinnamon taste)
  • 1/8 cup shredded coconut (optional, recommended)
  • 1/3 cup dried fruit of your choice (optional, recommended. I used dried Japanese yuzu strips.)

Wet ingredients

  • 1/8 cup maple syrup (use real maple syrup for best flavour)
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil (don’t worry, there’s no coconut taste in the end result!)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla paste/extract (optional, recommended)


  • Heat oven to 180C.  Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, and set aside.
  • In a large mixing bowl, stir together dry ingredients.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, stir together wet ingredients till mixed. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture, and stir until evenly combined.
  • Spread the granola out evenly on the prepared baking sheet.  Bake for 20 -25 minutes, stirring once halfway through, until the granola is lightly toasted and golden brown.
  • Remove baking sheet from the oven and transfer to a wire rack.  Let cool until the granola reaches room temperature. Transfer to an airtight clean container to store. Keep at room temperature for 1 week, then transfer to store in fridge for up to 1 month.


  • This recipe works with Vanilla Cookie, Hazelnut, Forest Fruit and Banana flavours available on Crazybadman too.
  • Add more sweet syrup if you prefer bigger clumps. I tried to keep sugar level as low as possible.
  • Coconut oil and shredded coconut will another layer of fragrance and natural sweetness. Thus highly recommend to include. There’s no residue coconut taste in the end result if you use good quality ones.
  • Real maple syrup is the best-tasting sweet syrup out there. The second best is gula melaka, which is also cheaper.
  • For gluten-free, use gluten-free oats.

For more Crazybadman x Morethanveggies high-protein recipe videos, visit my YouTube channel here. This is the video for the previous no-bake mango cheesecake recipe.

Crazybadman x morethanveggies – protein mango no-bake ‘cheese’cake recipe

vegan protein powder cake

If you’re following my social pages, you might have already heard of Crazybadman. They are a home-grown sports distributor that sells the best-tasting vegan protein powders I’ve had. It dissolves well without sedimentation, and there’s a huge range of flavours like Chocolate Cinnamon (my favourite), Vanilla Cookie, Hazelnut, Forest Fruit and more. Since they taste good and are very versatile, I’ve started collaborating with Crazybadman to create high protein recipes of sweets and desserts that suit the lifestyle of any active person. Use MORETHANVEGGIES10 for 10% off during checkout when buying any flavour of the vegan protein powders.

vegan mango cheesecake
Available from Crazybadman. Recipe video below!

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I grew up hating exercise; I was the type of kid who preferred to read and watch TV. After years of struggling with poor digestion, almost all the TCM and Ayurvedic doctors I’ve seen strongly recommended exercise as a cure. So I started yoga, then moved on to more intense sports like weight training and Muay Thai. I enjoyed the latter two a lot, but stopped because gym memberships are rather expensive, and now I’m trying to avoid going out. Now my lifestyle is a lot more active compared to my days in CBD as my work is more kitchen-oriented. So I don’t consume protein powder frequently, but it’s very helpful when I’m rushing for classes and only have time to make a smoothie.

Homemade coconut yoghurt, papaya, banana, Forest Fruit Vegan Protein smoothie – dinner during evening classes. White pepper was a prop used in class, had nothing to do with the smoothie 🙂

SG-Based Athletes I admire

I know a few vegan athletes (or just super fit folks) who are based in Singapore, they are extremely active and fit, probably more than I’d ever hope to be! I really admire their dedication to improving themselves and guiding others on their fitness journey. If you need some plant-based fitness inspo, here are their pages.

  • Maria (Featured above, bodybuilder, I make her food!)
  • Aaron (Bodybuilder, I make his food too!) 
  • Luke Tan (Fitness coach and author) 
  • Cat Yeo (Fitness coach) 
  • Kenneth (Also a business owner and great cook!)
  • Aly (Yoga teacher & influencer)
  • Ryza (Also a fantastic home cook and baker)
  • Krystle (Group fitness instructor, nutritionist)
  • Amanda (Yoga teacher & artist)

Protein-packed treat for hot days

This Mango No-bake ‘Cheese’cake is a frozen, creamy sweet treat with a crumbly salted crust. High in protein, good fats and vitamins thanks to BioTech USA Vegan Protein, nuts, coconut oil and fruits. Tangy, subtly sweet and melts in your mouth – perfect for hot days. Also gluten and cholesterol free, no baking required! I find each slice extremely filling, so try it for breakfast or share it with a loved one.

Use code MORETHANVEGGIES10 for 10% for any vegan protein flavours from Crazybadman.

Macros (per slice when cake is cut into 6 slices):

  • 30 g protein
  • 45 g carbohydrate
  • 59 g fat
  • 3 g fibre

Prepare one day in advance prior to serving. Soak cashews overnight. Makes one 9″ cake.

For the crust:

  • 6 tbsp unsalted peanut butter (or other nut butter of your choice)
  • ½ cup of any roasted nuts/seeds
  • ½ cup of oats
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 tbsp vanilla paste
  • 1 tsp sea salt

Blend all in food processor until it holds together well when pressed or shaped. Grease your pan/mould with oil and press crust firmly into the base.

For the filling:

  • 120g BiotechUSA Vegan Protein Vanilla Cookie Flavour
  • 1 large ripe mango, peeled and chopped
  • 2/3 cup coconut oil (do not replace)
  • 2 and ½ cups dry cashews, soaked overnight
  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • Zest from 1 lemon
  • ½ cup syrup (optional, maple syrup recommended)
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp vanilla paste
  • Red dragon fruit, peeled and cubed, for topping (optional)
  • Chocolate sauce, for topping (optional)
  • Crushed nuts, for topping (optional)

Blend everything except coconut oil and toppings together to a smooth yellowish paste. Pour in coconut oil and blend again to combine. Pour on top of crust into the pan/mold. Flatten the filling with a spatula or back of a spoon. Freeze overnight. To serve, take the cake out to defrost for 15 minutes at room temperature. Add toppings of your choice. Slice and serve.


  • Blend the coconut oil after everything is combined to prevent lumps of powder from forming.
  • Try this with other BioTechUSA flavours like Hazelnut, Chocolate Cinnamon and Banana.
  • Other fruits like banana, berries, pineapple, work great too. Always use ripe fruits for best flavour.
  • For a smooth and creamy cake, use a powerful blender. Pausing after blending for a while is recommended to avoid overheating the blender’s motor.

Mekhala Living’s Thai Inspired Sauces – Roasted Delights!

This is an second feature about Mekhala Living. You might have seen me talk about them in my instagram food shots! Here’s more recipes as a continuation to the previous post about the sauces they generously gave me to sample! Besides stir – frying, black pepper, basil garlic sauces are great for roasting in the oven.


Roasted medley:
Preheat oven to 180C. You’ll need potatoes cut in wedges, sliced tempeh and cherry tomatoes. In a glass baking pan, coat everything in generous amounts of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of basil garlic sauce and a couple pinches of salt. Bake in oven for 20min or till potatoes are done – Poke a fork in to check for a fluffy and soft texture.


Roasted spicy tempeh:
Similar method to the roasted veggies but with just one extra step of marination for a much richer taste and juicier texture.

The night before serving, prepare the marinade.

Slice 2 blocks of tempeh. Mix ½ cup water, 1/3 cup olive oil, juice from 1 small lemon, 4 tbsp black pepper sauce, 4 tbsp basil garlic sauce with ½ tsp salt and 1 tbsp sugar in a bowl. You can add more/less depending on your taste! Place the tempeh in a glass dish and pour the marinade over, making sure all slices are in contact with liquid. Cover and let it sit in fridge overnight.

Next day, Preheat oven to 180C. Bake in oven for 20 – 30 min or till all marinade is absorbed and the tempeh turns a mouth-watering golden brown with caramalised dark brown spots. Enjoy!


Do check out Mekhala’s sauces, pastes and dressings website and where to buy – all are vegan except for a few with honey!

Mekhala Living – Organic Vegan Thai Inspired Condiments

Mekhala Living  is a Singapore-based company making vegan and organic food products. Almost all are vegan, except for one which has honey. They pride themselves as an independent company using only natural ingredients from Thailand, working closely with local farmers. They kindly gave me an array of condiments for me to try.

The usual ingredients in them are Himalayan salt, coconut sugar, various spices and herbs plus xanthan gum – nothing of what we shouldn’t put in our bodies.  So far I tried 3 sauces for stir fries and roasting – basil garlic, black pepper, miso lime chilli. This post are stir fry recipes, and next post shall be on the roasted goodies.

Veggie fusilli with black pepper sauce:

The sauce is pretty fiery with a strong kick! Flavours protein rich foods like tempeh very well. So I paired with homegrown Thai basil for a herb fragrance and snow peas for sweetness and crunch.

You’ll need:

One serving of fusilli pasta, slightly undercooked according to packet instructions

3 tbsp olive oil

½ tbsp Mekhala Living’s Black Pepper Sauce

A pinch of salt

One handful of fresh Thai basil

One small block of tempeh, sliced

4-5 holland snow peas, each cut in half

Heat the oil in a pan. Place the tempeh, thai basil, black pepper sauce and salt in. Stir fry until tempeh turns brown. Add pasta and snow peas, more oil if needed. Fry until peas turn dark green. Season with more salt/sauce if needed, ready to serve!

Stir fried Nai Bai with basil garlic sauce:


Basil garlic is great with green leafy vegetables with crunchy or juicy stems. Usually I will chop onions or garlic, but with the sauce time is saved!

You’ll need:

A bunch of nai bai, ends cut off and washed

2 tbsp Mekhala’s Basil Garlic sauce

2 tbsp olive oil

a pinch of sea salt

Place all ingredients in a wok/pan and coat the veggies evenly with sauce and oil. Turn heat to medium, slowly stir and flip until veggies shrink and the stem turns translucent. Season with more salt/sauce if needed, then ready to serve!

Mixed stir fry with miso lime chilli:

This sauce is the most versatile of all – good on its own or with other condiments. It flavours dishes well and harmonises with most foods. Thus, most suitable with dishes with many types of ingredients. This method of cooking works best with all types of hardy veggies instead of leafy ones; add proteins like tofu and legumes to give thickness to the sauce.

You’ll need:

Half and onion, chopped

2 tbsp Mekhala Miso Lime Chilli sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce mixed with ½ cup water

1 tbsp fermented chilli sauce (homemade)

3-4 strings of french beans, cut

2 strips of tofu puffs, cut into squares

1 bamboo shoot, sliced

About half cup cooked chickpeas

I stir fried the onions in oil first, then added the sauces, long beans, chickpeas and simmered them till the beans turn a darker green. Lastly I added the bamboo shoots and tofu puffs, letting them simmer for 30 seconds. Transfer all to a plate, garnish with fresh herbs and ready to serve!

Recipes for the same sauces used for roasting coming up soon. Meanwhile visit their online store or their shop at Pasarbella and check out their amazing range of food products from brown rice to jams.

Soyato ice cream – A review

Soyato is a Singaporean non-dairy ice cream brand. In fact, it’s the first local brand of vegan-friendly ice cream that has started selling in some of our supermarkets! They have no dairy, eggs, or other animal – derived ingredients (except Honey Lemon flavour, which contains honey). Everything else are from plants! Thus I’m really proud of the couple, Verleen and Alan, for putting out healtheir desserts for the masses!

Verleen has kindly sent me two flavours to sample – Green tea and Mint Chip!

Top – Mint chip, bottom – green tea. Mint chip is a cooling treat with yummy non-dairy chocolate chips inside. When I wasn’t vegan yet the dairy mint ice creams tasted like toothpaste to me. But this mint taste is natural, not overpowering. Reminds me of our fragrant mint plant at home! I loved the green tea one exceptionally. Creamy, pleasant, soothing, exactly how green tea should be! Sweets made with green tea can be easily overdone as too much creates a bitter taste, while too little yields no flavour. It’s texture is creamier than mint chip’s, which makes an interesting variation when you eat two flavours together!

In one scoop of Soyato, there’s only 100 calories. No genetically modified soy ingredients are used, plus prebiotics are added to help your body digest this treat better. This is really what I hope to see dessert-makers do: putting things that help our bodies instead of loading it with fats, chemicals and substances cruelly extracted from animals.

If you are in Singapore, pick them up at the NTUC supermarkets listed here. They have two other flavours – Wickedly Chocolate and Honey Lemon (for the vegans that take honey). The usual retail price is $11.90 for one pint. I love how more people are taking action to make healthier choices more accessible. Looking forward to what Soyato has to offer next!