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Soft Pretzels

We all love baked goodies because it’s warm, soft, sweet or savoury. People often ask, ‘What baked foods can vegans eat without the butter, eggs and dairy?’ As a fan of baking I’d say we don’t need those, as there are vegan alternatives available! Here’s a basic soft pretzel recipe using vegan butter and healthier… Continue reading →

Mekhala Living – Organic Vegan Thai Inspired Condiments

Mekhala Living  is a Singapore-based company making vegan and organic food products. Almost all are vegan, except for one which has honey. They pride themselves as an independent company using only natural ingredients from Thailand, working closely with local farmers. They kindly gave me an array of condiments for me to try. The usual ingredients… Continue reading →

How to Be a Herbivore in Singapore Part 7 – Facing Challenges & Getting Support From The Community

(Volunteers of AASG. Thanks Mike for the photo!) Previous: 01 why vegan . 02 nutrition . 03 cooking . 04 groceries . 05 social eating . 06 eating at hawker centres From my 23 years of being veg*n, I’ve met more genuinely curious people instead of condescending ones. However, do be prepared to be scrutinized, judged and ridiculed by (hopefully) the minority.… Continue reading →

How to Be a Herbivore in Singapore Part 6 – Eating at Hawker Centres

(Jia Xiang Wei Vegetarian from Circuit Road food centre. Thanks Bernard for the photo!) Previous: 01 why vegan . 02 nutrition . 03 cooking . 04 groceries . 05 social eating. Next: 07 challenges and support Eating is a national pastime and hawker centres are the backbone of Singapore’s food scene. These down-to-earth, bustling places reflect various facets of the common person’s daily life – using 4… Continue reading →

How to Be a Herbivore in Singapore Part 5 – Eating Out & Being Social

Previous: 01 why vegan . 02 nutrition . 03 cooking. 04 groceries . Next: 06 eating at hawker centres. 07 challenges and support. Singapore is vegan food heaven – the Lion City has been named by PETA as the 2nd most vegan-friendly country in Asia! However, to enjoy this, you must understand the local food culture. If not, be prepared face inconvenience, heftier price tags, and very… Continue reading →