Salted Caramel Butter – No sugar used!


Have been meaning to make these since a long time ago, to add another spreadable condiment to my repertoire (besides peanut sauce). Now it鈥檚 the holidays, finally! 馃檪


Have seen lots of recipes which calls for boiling a huge amount of sugar. That isn鈥檛 easy because sugar burns easily, and of course, not that healthy. This recipe鈥檚 inspired by聽V.K. Rees.



Ingredients (yields 2 cups) :

200g pitted medjool dates (About 15 medium-sized dates). Soak in water for half an hour till soft.

2 tsp sea salt (More can be added to taste)

录 cup of any non-dairy milk (Coconut will yield the creamiest result)

1.5 tsp vanilla extract

录 cup vegan margarine

Place all in a food processor and blend till smooth.


Buttery and creamy, the dates add a slight coconut-y aftertaste. I kept the skins of the dates for nutrition and I rather like the grainier texture which resulted. But you鈥檙e welcome to remove them if you want a smoother blend.


Top on cakes, coffee, tea, pastries.聽Put with apples as an alternative to peanut butter, makes a good lunchbox snack for your little ones too!


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