My first recipe book: A look inside

A detailed visual look into what’s in my first recipe book! This is the result of years of cooking, taking photos and experimenting. There are so many cultures in Asia, I only showed those that I am familiar with. The dishes featured are Chinese, Malay, Japanese with some Indian-inspired ones. Get a copy here or聽here. Thank you to those who pre-ordered, you should be getting your copies soon.

The book starts off with the usual (introduction, acknowledgements) which you can skip if you like. The section on pantry essentials is quite important, and you can stock up based on the list of “essentials” and “good to haves”. Most of the ingredients I use are from regular supermarkets or wet markets in Singapore. They should be easily available in your local Asian market too.

Before each recipe there may be all or some of these icons. They indicate if the recipe is gluten/soy/allium-free, or can be made so. Alternatives to gluten/soy/alliums are given in notes whenever possible, so do read the notes! Would love to see your creative replacements, so please tag me on socials when you make a recipe from here.

The first section is basics, comprising of sauces, condiments and my favourite, Chinese style clear soup, which can be used as stock. These recipes will be used later in the book.

Next, main dishes. All photos and recipes are written by me, including the filler photos like this one. The publisher’s editor and designer did their magic to make the book even better than I imagined.

This and the curry tempeh noodles (first photo) are my favourites from this section as I make them often. They are pretty quick, tasty and can be easily adapted to be one-pot.

In some of the recipes, there will be sub-recipes that can help if you don’t have the ready-made sauce/paste on hand. That’s why some recipes are quite long (one of the feedback from my editor!), the designer probably had a hard time squeezing everything in.

Talking about long recipes, my family’s traditional dumpling recipe took up 4 pages. I tried to be as detailed as possible as making dumplings from scratch is a labour of love. Handmade dumplings are very “sensitive” so do read the notes before attempting.

A good meal isn’t complete without sides, thus the next section of the book. These are great accompaniments to any light main dishes. These 2 are my favourite tempeh recipes of all time.

If you’re looking for a light meal, or items that can be made in advance, go to the sides section. Spring rolls are also a family recipe, so I just had to share with you.

Next section will be sweets. This is the masala chai muffins that I brought to a few 2017 vegan potlucks. An updated version of the all-time popular kaya recipe is here, along with a couple of bakes like pandan cake and other sweets like kueh dadar.

Lastly, drinks. I sneaked in a coconut yoghurt recipe under mango lassi. Yes it’s totally possible and easy to make yoghurt at home with a bit of quinoa! Other drinks include bandung, teh tarik and masala coffee (which can be used to make masala chai).

Available聽here. It’ll be stocked in Singapore’s bookstores this month, and will also be in Amazon and The Book Depository later this year.聽There will be an e-book version coming likely next month. Stay tuned for updates on my socials! If you’ve made something from the book, do let me know how it turned out 馃檪