Mekhala Living – Organic Vegan Thai Inspired Condiments

Mekhala Living  is a Singapore-based company making vegan and organic food products. Almost all are vegan, except for one which has honey. They pride themselves as an independent company using only natural ingredients from Thailand, working closely with local farmers. They kindly gave me an array of condiments for me to try.

The usual ingredients in them are Himalayan salt, coconut sugar, various spices and herbs plus xanthan gum – nothing of what we shouldn’t put in our bodies.  So far I tried 3 sauces for stir fries and roasting – basil garlic, black pepper, miso lime chilli. This post are stir fry recipes, and next post shall be on the roasted goodies.

Veggie fusilli with black pepper sauce:

The sauce is pretty fiery with a strong kick! Flavours protein rich foods like tempeh very well. So I paired with homegrown Thai basil for a herb fragrance and snow peas for sweetness and crunch.

You’ll need:

One serving of fusilli pasta, slightly undercooked according to packet instructions

3 tbsp olive oil

½ tbsp Mekhala Living’s Black Pepper Sauce

A pinch of salt

One handful of fresh Thai basil

One small block of tempeh, sliced

4-5 holland snow peas, each cut in half

Heat the oil in a pan. Place the tempeh, thai basil, black pepper sauce and salt in. Stir fry until tempeh turns brown. Add pasta and snow peas, more oil if needed. Fry until peas turn dark green. Season with more salt/sauce if needed, ready to serve!

Stir fried Nai Bai with basil garlic sauce:


Basil garlic is great with green leafy vegetables with crunchy or juicy stems. Usually I will chop onions or garlic, but with the sauce time is saved!

You’ll need:

A bunch of nai bai, ends cut off and washed

2 tbsp Mekhala’s Basil Garlic sauce

2 tbsp olive oil

a pinch of sea salt

Place all ingredients in a wok/pan and coat the veggies evenly with sauce and oil. Turn heat to medium, slowly stir and flip until veggies shrink and the stem turns translucent. Season with more salt/sauce if needed, then ready to serve!

Mixed stir fry with miso lime chilli:

This sauce is the most versatile of all – good on its own or with other condiments. It flavours dishes well and harmonises with most foods. Thus, most suitable with dishes with many types of ingredients. This method of cooking works best with all types of hardy veggies instead of leafy ones; add proteins like tofu and legumes to give thickness to the sauce.

You’ll need:

Half and onion, chopped

2 tbsp Mekhala Miso Lime Chilli sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce mixed with ½ cup water

1 tbsp fermented chilli sauce (homemade)

3-4 strings of french beans, cut

2 strips of tofu puffs, cut into squares

1 bamboo shoot, sliced

About half cup cooked chickpeas

I stir fried the onions in oil first, then added the sauces, long beans, chickpeas and simmered them till the beans turn a darker green. Lastly I added the bamboo shoots and tofu puffs, letting them simmer for 30 seconds. Transfer all to a plate, garnish with fresh herbs and ready to serve!

Recipes for the same sauces used for roasting coming up soon. Meanwhile visit their online store or their shop at Pasarbella and check out their amazing range of food products from brown rice to jams.

Loving Hut @ Joo Chiat’s Official Opening

I was invited to the new Loving Hut’s official opening last Saturday, along with fellow vegan bloggers and friends! For the unfamiliar, Loving Hut is an international chain of restaurants that started with a vision of serving vegan cuisine which are in tune with the Earth. As a long-time patron of them, needless to say I’m excited to see that they revamped themselves into a modern café with art, handmade furniture and a brand new menu full of Western and Asian delights.


Soy lattes and soothing music – every corner is an eyeful of beauty. There was even a harpist to set the tone for the afternoon.


As a design student I really appreciate the artworks themed on veganism, plus handmade and upcycled furniture!

For the launch we were served a specially prepared buffet.


Tofu tempeh pops and tomato olive bruschetta, a favourite due to the refreshingly savoury balance of tomatoes and herbs!


A spread of fluffy brown rice, spicy eggplant, tofu scramble, fruit achar, nyonya rendang crepe and lasagne.


Bali Bliss Soba Salad and Satay – so glad that these are on their regular menu! A humble salad is transformed by the sweet tamari sauce which is easily the best soy sauce I’ve tasted. Same for the satay, the peanut sauce uplifts the dish – thick and rich thus tasting like homemade, complementing the roasted chewy soy chunks well.


Down they went with cream of mushroom soup and non-alcoholic champagne. And the desserts, sago gula melaka jelly with a peach and banana crumble. Everyone was crazy over the crumble – buttery, soft, with moist peach and roasted banana pieces on a bed of smooth custard.. with hidden bits of caramelized sugar – ending the afternoon on a high note!

Loving Hut has done a truly amazing job rebranding and renewing themselves to cater to everyone, be it vegan, vegetarian or non-veg. Definitely one to visit and spend a whole afternoon chilling with loved ones. Looking forward to trying their regular menu, so you can expect an update then!

Address: 229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01, Singapore 427489. Operating daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm.